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Fantastic tournament weekend for Finja Bormann in Dortmund

BORMANN Finja (GER), A Crazy Son of Lavina Dortmund - Signal Iduna Cup 2019 Grosser Preis der Bundesrepublik Finale der MITSUBISHI MOTORS Masters League Saison 2018/2019 10. März 2019 © Lafrentz
Picture: Stefan Lafrentz

ConMoto congratulates Finja Bormann to an excellent tournament weekend in Dortmund’s Westfalenhalle. Riding “A crazy Son of Lavina” at the Preis von Nordrhein-Westfalen, an international S*** show jumping tournament, she scored third place. The pair flawlessly mastered both the regular show jumping course and the jump-off, only succeeded by the winner Michael Jung by mere 24 hundredths of a second and second best Dutchman Lars Kersten by two hundredths of a second.

Highly appreciated as well is the eleventh place of Finja Bormann on „A crazy Son of Lavina“ at the S****-rated International Großer Preis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, the highest endowed show jumping tournament of the event in Dortmund. At the regular show jumping course, they were among the fastest competitors. Unfortunately, faults for a knockdown prevented their participation in the jump-off, for which eight flawless pairs had been able to qualify altogether. Due to the fast course, Finja Bormann scored eleventh place.

Rank nine and twelve on “Oktavian” in two smaller international S competitions completed Finja Bormann’s tournament weekend.

ConMoto receives kununu awards

The ConMoto kununu certificates
Our kununu certificates

The employer rating portal kununu (profile available in German only) has awarded ConMoto with both the certificates TOP Company and OPEN Company. The kununu employer check supports employees in finding a suitable workplace by reviewing the kununity members’ employer ratings.

Only 4.8% of all rated employers currently hold the TOP Company award. Employers require at least six confirmed employee reviews above the rating average of three points, which means that their (former) employees are considering them to be good or very good companies to work for. The OPEN Company award signals that employers are actively inviting their employees to rate them, also offering open feedback to their reviews. Additionally, we at ConMoto are giving interesting insights into our everyday business on our kununu presence. A comprehensive company profile and further information for potential applicants are also available, showcasing our company culture.

We are very pleased with the 40 active reviews we have already received. Currently, 83% of our employees are gladly recommending us as an employer – a good result and great motivation alike!

Formula E in Hong Kong: HWA Racelab scores initial points

Gary Paffett (GBR), HWA Racelab

ConMoto congratulates Brit Gary Paffett and the whole team of HWA Racelab on reaching eighth place and collecting their initial four points in the driver’s competition!

The excellent performance of Paffett’s Belgian team mate Stoffel Vandoorne in both qualifying and the following super pole session boosts confidence, too: he mastered the challenging rainy conditions very well and reached rank one in qualifying, also topping Gary Paffett. Thus, both HWA Racelab bolides had successfully entered the super pole session of the six fastest drivers. Vandoorne proved to be invincible again and reached pole position, securing the initial world championship points for his team. Paffett began the race from fourth position.

After the starting signal, Vandoorne was overtaken by two competitors. Still, he vehemently fought for a podium position before he had to exit the competition due to a damaged drive shaft. Gary Paffett remained in the top five for quite some time and finally defended rank eight after an accident had interrupted the race.

The next Formula E race is going to take place on March 23rd, 2019 in the Chinese city of Sanya.

Industry 4.0 requires leadership greater than 1.0

The conMoto Movement Point Industry 4.0 brochure title
ConMoto MovementPoint

In the world of Industry 4.0, digitization is supposed to generate significant efficiency raises and productivity gains. Fair enough. However, in between all those catchphrases like data mining, data analysis and agility: Do the people receive enough attention who are supposed to efficiently implement and enthusiastically live these concepts – your employees? Unfortunately, some executives may lose their connection to the shop floor within their daily routine and forget the basic principles behind lean processes.

Companies need new management approaches to profit from the chances of digitization for highly productive processes. Our latest MovementPoint Industry 4.0 requires Leadership greater than 1.0 offers food for thought on how smart leadership gives orientation and supports specific decision-making alike. We assist you in the gradual expansion of your methodological portfolio and the efficient control of your processes in order to guarantee the sustained satisfaction of your clients and the motivation of your employees.

Learning Journey to Japan in May 2019

Picture: Roman Ditzer, 2019

ConMoto are partnering the benchmark learning journey „Lean Production and Leadership – Operational Excellence of Companies in Japan“ from May 11th to 18th, 2019.

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Roman Ditzer as our partner. He is a renowned expert with years of experience regarding Japan and close contacts to lean companies in the originating country of Kaizen and Lean Management.

The open Japan seminar offered by Roman Ditzer’s RD interlogue is aimed at leads and improvement experts. Prior to the journey, a one-day preparation seminar is being offered in order to provide the participants with the necessary background knowledge to get attuned to the seminar week.

Besides a profound introduction to the philosophy and management tools of Lean Production, the seminar also offers an exclusive insight into the business practice of companies on site in Japan. The seminar focusses on two topics: Implementing Lean Production concepts including the methodological approaches and the corresponding leadership tasks – the distinctive success factor of every Lean Reform and the continuous improvement activities.

The learning journeys are not limited to company visits. The seminar concept ensures a qualified analysis of the on-site experience by offering intensive individual and group work. This enables each participant to transfer lessons learned to the personal sphere of influence and his/her individual responsibility. The objective is to convey valuable stimuli for individual Lean/leadership work and to accelerate the improvement process within the company. Ultimately, what counts is only the subsequent implementation within the own company.

Detailed information about the scope of services as well as feedback from participants of previous seminars (in German and Japanese only) can be found at

ConMoto Crazy Cato on the mend

Last September, ConMoto Crazy Cato had suffered a severe tendon injury which incurred just at the ConMoto Championscup show jumping during his home tournament in Harsum. Now, his rider Friso Bormann has informed us that Cato’s recovery is progressing well. He is enjoying the best of care at his homestead, spending 30 to 45 minutes a day in the horse walker and an additional 15 to 30 minutes of strolling on the halter. In good weather, he is also given the possibility to move around freely in his 6 by 25 meters of paddock.

Get well soon, ConMoto Crazy Cato!

The Hanoverian may take his time to get well again. According to his rider, this is the top priority. In 2019, Cato will not go back onto the course under competitive conditions. He will slowly be reintroduced to the sport. Therefore, Cato may spend this year on the range by telling the four-legged show jumping offspring about the tournament vibe in Aachen and Salzburg. Maybe he will also give them an account about his achievements at the international championships in Verden, Nörten-Hardenberg and Braunschweig?

We at ConMoto are keeping our fingers crossed for our Crazy Cato. Especially in difficult situations, sponsoring and support are crucial. We sincerely hope that we will be able to admire him again on the show jumping court. The same applies to four- and two-legged creatures alike: health is more important than success.

„We set things in motion“: ConMoto is going the extra mile with HWA RACELAB

Innovative, contemporary and sustainable mobility – this is what Formula E is representing by bringing future technology onto the race track. ConMoto is a proud advisor and sponsor of HWA RACELAB, the latest team to have joined the Formula E championship series. HWA and ConMoto are sharing their common passion: “We set things in motion”, or as HWA are putting it: Engineering Speed. This year, the racing stable of HWA AG is debuting at the fully electric racing series. At the initial race in Riad, HWA RACELAB pilot Stoffel Vandoorne was able to finally reach place 17 after a very respectable fourth position at the qualifying, whereas his team mate Gary Paffett dropped out of the qualifying race after reaching position 9 on racing day.

“As expected, we have learned a lot today. The qualifying went very well, but during the actual race, we were lacking speed. We are going to conduct a thorough analysis of the reasons. Our goal for our first race was to reach the finish line with both cars. Unfortunately, we have missed that goal.” Ulrich Fritz, team lead of HWA RACELAB concludes.

After the initial race, twelve more are going to follow up on urban cycles in metropolises all over the world – from Marrakech over Hong Kong to New York City. The home race in Berlin on May 25th, 2019 is a special highlight for the drivers, the whole team and ConMoto as a sponsor alike. The race at the German capital as well as at least two more Formula E competitions can be watched live on one of the German TV stations ARD and ZDF. More information about the subject and the live streaming services (in German only) can be found here.

ConMoto at the FACTON Conference in Stuttgart, Germany

Picture: FACTON GmbH, 2018
In November 2018, ConMoto Consulting Group presented at the 11th FACTON Conference in Stuttgart. Under the slogan “Predictive Costing – Artificial Intelligence in Cost Management” ConMoto consultants discussed with more than 100 international experts.
The lectures provided insights into new research results and latest trends in digitalization and cost accounting: ranging from applications of artificial intelligence in product cost calculation, to smart factories, and calculation of electronic components.

You can read more about the partnership of FACTON and ConMoto in the flyer “FACTON and ConMoto – Your partners for a cost-optimized value chain”.

Dr. Henning Bruns new Senior Partner with ConMoto

Dr. Henning Bruns is our new Senior Partner & Managing Director Americas and shareholder with the ConMoto Consulting Group. During his career, he worked in several executive positions such as Vice-President of Operations for leading international automotive manufacturers in Europe, South America and for more than 10 years in the United States. He has a total of 28 years of experience in Manufacturing, Product Strategy and Product Line Management.

His consulting portfolio includes Car and Truck Manufacturing, Engine Machining & Assembly, Product Project Management, Product Launch & Change Management, Conversion Cost Improvement, Operational Excellence Programs, and Business Performance Turnaround. Henning Bruns is one of ConMoto’s top experts in Lean Production Implementation, Operational Excellence and Shop Floor Management.

Michael Colberg new Senior Partner with ConMoto

Michael Colberg is our new Senior Partner and shareholder with the ConMoto Consulting Group GmbH. In his career he worked in several senior positions such as Senior Manager Production and plant manager for leading international automotive manufacturers. He also served as Chief Operating Officer with an international aerospace enterprise. Before joining ConMoto Michael Colberg was Executive Vice President Ligthing Operations with an internationally renowned automotive company. Altogether, he has more than 25 years of experience in international industries.

His consulting portfolio includes Lean Management (KATA), optimization of production and logistics, transformation projects (IoT, Industry 4.0, Smart Robotics), Low-cost Automation, Investment Optimization and Maintenance Excellence. Michael Colberg is one of ConMoto’s top experts in Value-oriented Maintenance and Maintenance 4.0.