German and international professionals, ambitious amateurs and youngsters will compete in the jumping course from September 21 to 24 in Harsum. The Grand Tour, which is endowed by ConMoto, consists of an advanced (S**) level jumping competition and a two-phase advanced (S***) level jumping competition as qualifying tests and the final on Sunday, an advanced (S***) level jumping competition with jump-off. The top-class field of participants includes Gerrit Nieberg, Mylen Kruse, Johannes Ehning, Finja Bormann, Sophie Hinners and Harm Lade.

As in previous years, the high-performance young show jumpers from all over Germany will come to Harsum to determine the best in the U25 Tour, which is organized by the Elm stud farm “Drei Eichen”. Amazons and riders from all over Germany will also compete in the German Teens Trophy. The age limit here is 18 years. In two style jumping competitions with timings of class M and class S respectively, riders will compete for the victory. Because not only juniors and young riders should develop further in the saddle, the Youngster Tour for young horses will again take place, which is intended to introduce the four-legged friends to the big sport. The highlight of the Friends Tour for amateurs is the final, a two-phase advanced (S**) level show jumping competition.

Finally, the ConMoto Regio Volunteer Tour is a very special series of jumping events in Harsum. Here, those who make the ConMoto Jumping Days possible with their work and commitment as show helpers ride for ribbons in class E to M jumping.