Companies are ramping up their production again. Partly, they have considerably more problems than expected – after all, we are speaking about more than “putting some marks on the floor.” Due to the extensive hygiene rules, long-practiced processes in production change. As for that, details are often crucial to achieving the desired protection. Shift work must be reorganized. Extra time must be planned for regular coordinated cleaning intervals. For all aspects of your ramp-up management,

ConMoto has developed an emergency kit that adapts FMEA best practices to meet the current requirements. Reliability has many facets in times of the Corona virus.

During the ramp-up, we also rely on methods that we called “ConMoto Basic Improvements” back in the 1990s. In more than 1,000 four-day workshops, our consultants have measurably increased productivity and quality since then. This structured approach is particularly good for the current ramp-up, because the changes in processes and working methods are often very small and need to be implemented precisely for the measures to have their optimal effect – from the correct donning and disposal of protective clothing to an adapted cycle of the work itself.

We transfer the underlying concepts of the necessary basic improvements to the shop floor management under Corona conditions. The ConMoto emergency kit offers a gear-up workshop for the entire company – independent of the industry, applicable in retail and public companies as well. The workshop takes two to five days, depending on the size of the company or organization. Your company can apply for public funding of 4,000 euros for the training.

Ramp-up management is the decisive key to your future success. Do not get lost in the details. Instead, let the ConMoto experts support you. Our expertise helps your company now to become productive again quickly.