Time and again we hear that the strict liability for managing directors is suspended during the Corona crisis. This is a misconception that can have serious consequences. ConMoto does not provide legal advice. Still, it is necessary and sensible from an economic point of view to continuously obtain clarity about the risk situation of your company.

We strongly recommend you to create alternative business scenarios for the company: with and without the effects of the Corona crisis. Thus, each person responsible can keep track of the current situation for themselves and is also always verifiable. Government contributions and aid are, of course, extremely important in the context of falling turnover. But of course, they must be repaid later. Therefore, they do increase the debt before repayment.

Making decisions under uncertainty is characteristic of these times. And it is precisely for this reason, that every effort should be made to reduce the uncertainty created from the outside as much as possible. The best way to achieve this is by transparency – and the topicality of your key figures. Currently, you need an overview of your value streams more than ever. A value stream analysis across your entire supply chain provides clarity. With our reliable methods, we show you not only the risks. Moreover, we support you in avoiding or at least minimizing them. We will gladly compose a program at Corona conditions that is optimized according to your requirements.