Dr.-Ing. Marc Heinisch with the panelists René Graichen, John Sobek, Bernd Weckenmann, Normen Lamb (from left to right)

At the Lake Constance Mobility Supplier Summit on June 28 and 29 in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance, ConMoto partner Dr. Marc Heinisch moderated the panel “Digitalization and Automation in Procurement and Production – cross-system network solutions”. In a lively, knowledgeable discussion, panel members John Sobeck, Vice President Materials Management Digitalization & Services at ZF Group; Bernd Weckenmann, Senior Vice President Procurement & Supply Chain Management at Elring-Klinger; Normen Lamb, Managing Director of Eisenmann and René Graichen, COO, at PLUGIT LCC reported on their companies’ digitalization experiences.

The participants agreed that stable processes are the basic prerequisite for successful digitalization, because without them all digitization efforts come to nothing. A key topic was the introduction of SAP HANA. In addition to process stability, the step-by-step training and involvement of employees is another factor that must be considered if digitalization is to add value.

At the Supplier Summit, experts from leading international industrial companies spoke in various panels about the potential for innovation, the new technological possibilities, and the skills of the future in materials management. They discussed new forms of cooperation in the face of an increasingly complex competitive environment and the opportunities that digitalization presents for supply & logistics.