Corona will not disappear from the world anymore. For now, we need to learn to live with Corona  before the risk is reduced to a normal, calculable level by vaccination and medication. Especially because the virus does not disappear and we must assume that the intervals between pandemics will become shorter, we need sustainable strategies that enable us to work without frequent shutdowns.

  • Masks and other hygiene measures will be a normal part of everyday life in our streets, factories
  • and shops. The higher significance of hygiene definitely requires new solutions.
  • A small example: Low-contact delivery of goods. What kind of IT equipment do you need? How are the goods to be unloaded at their arrival? What about the implementation of further processing?
  • In the past, shift handover in German car factories was contact-free, which has changed fundamentally due to the experience with shopfloor management. How can you organize shift handover contact-free but without having to accept any loss of information?
  • What do factories and stores have to look like in order to be able to work and shop there with a low infection risk?

ConMoto online workshops: Working productively despite of Corona

To answer these and other questions, you can book one of our blue-sky workshops. We also conduct these workshops contact-free, e.g. via Teams. German SMEs with up to 250 employees and a turnover of up to 50 million euros per year can use the Corona aid of the Federal Ministry of Economics and get 4,000 euros for consulting services.

For this price, you can book one of our three-day workshops via Teams or any online platform with two experienced consultants. We analyze your situation quickly and systematically (four to six hours) and develop short-term measures and tasks (three to five hours) with you and your managers in a goal-oriented manner. On the second day and during the first half of the third day, we develop solutions together – including a reliable effort estimate and schedules (four to six packages in two to three hours each). The conclusion is a comprehensive assessment and the development of a roadmap.

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