How does your company emerge from crisis mode to productive normal mode quickly? Medicine has developed the concept of rapid recovery. The idea is: during and after a crisis, action must be taken as quickly as possible so that the patient can fully recover. Ambulances equipped as stroke units for the immediate rescue of affected patients, for example, are working based on this principle.

If your company is to return to full performance in production and the market after the crisis, thinking and acting in three different time horizons is expedient:

1. Implement immediate measures to secure subsistence

Use working capital management to optimize capital lockup and do not leave it at a mere reduction. Together with you, the ConMoto experts will consistently identify existing liquidity reserves within your company. A sustainable optimization of the capital lockup will also show you whether you have achieved real process improvements. Our short assessment includes the extent of receivables and requirements for logistics performance. We also run process simulations based on the EFQM model – including an evaluation and benchmarking. The value stream mapping covers representative material flows as well.

In addition, ConMoto uses the Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) to identify and avoid risks. Particular attention is now to be paid to hygiene regulations as well as stricter health and safety protection at work: during and after the Corona crisis, different rules apply to production.

2. Secure your supply chain for production and logistics

ConMoto creates a comprehensive risk profile of your supply chain. The resulting risk management is controlled by strategic purchasing whilst being closely connected with production and development. We screen key suppliers and others that have a high priority for your supply chain. The assessment includes environmental and health risks, financial risks as well as strategic and performance risks. All analyses aim at shaping your processes to facilitate production at a competitive cost after a short ramp-up time.

Safe, efficient processes are paramount in ramp-up management. ConMoto relies on the adapted 5S method: Safe, Spotless, Swift, Sensitive, Stable.

3. Implement structural improvements and optimize your products

In order to enhance the long-term competitive position of your company, you need answers to the key strategic questions. ConMoto supports you in the development and implementation of your production strategy by shaping your manufacturing & logistics footprint. The correct vertical integration, the adequate dimensioning of your plants and an effective value creation network are important elements of economic success. In addition, we also address your product strategy: make your product development crisis-proof and benefit from future opportunities. We optimize your product costs with you.