Nils Blechschmidt auf der „Zukunft Stahl“
Nils Blechschmidt at the “Zukunft Stahl”

Nils Blechschmidt, Senior Partner and Member of the management team, presented his keynote “Value-oriented maintenance and Maintenance 4.0” at the annual Handelsblatt conference “Zukunft Stahl”. In Düsseldorf, he spoke about the strategic importance of maintenance for the steel industry in front of an audience of 170 managers.

Blechschmidt reflected especially on how automation and digitization change maintenance processes. He explained how the future-oriented implementation of Maintenance 4.0 concepts enables steel-producing companies to increase their productivity. The world’s leading maintenance expert estimated the possible decrease of the total cost of ownership during the whole lifecycle of a plant at -20 to -30 percent, whereas the return on net asset (RONA) may be increased by 20 to 32 percent. The RONA is a clear indicator of the efficiency and profitability of a company’s plants.

Dr. Marc Heinisch, Senior Partner and Chief Sales Officer at ConMoto, summarizes the results of their talks with many steel industry decision makers: “Besides scalable technologies, the change to decarbonization and green steel requires a lot of change management and implementation strength for the innovative, efficient production of high-tech steels.”