Titelbild ConMoto Broschüre Investitionsgüter Einkauf
German title of the ConMoto brochure “Producer goods procurement”

Companies waste good money when it comes to procurement. The main reasons are:

  • Procurement is being included at a much later stage than necessary,
  • Specifications and guidelines are unspecific or incomplete and
  • Decision making and implementation suffer from poor coordination.

Those issues apply to the private and public sectors alike. A practical example: in bridge construction, 15 percent of the costs can be saved by early cross-functional standardization of the concept. As a result, you get “more bridge fo your money”, a higher level of quality and faster completion.

Important levers are:

  • The implementation of standard specifications,
  • Standardized type statics and planning documents as well as
  • The procurement of modular prefabricated components.

ConMoto’s expertise shows that significant savings are possible for manufacturing companies as well. Depending on the sector, the procurement volume can be reduced by 19 percent and project terms by 1/3. We are offering a comprehensive set of modules for the procurement of producer goods – for the industry, service and public sectors alike. Would you like to know more about the optimization of life cycle costs by effective procurement and fast implementation? The latest ConMoto brochure is available for download in German here. While we are still working on the English translation, why not drop us an e-mail on the subject?