As in 2021, ConMoto is again among the “Best Management Consultants” in 2022. The business magazine brand eins/Thema Deutschlands has already awarded this prize for the ninth time. ConMoto is among the best in the sectors “Auto Manufacturers & Suppliers” and “Mechanical Engineering” as well as in the consulting field “Operations Management”. We are particularly pleased that we received the best possible customer rating *** both in the area of “Auto Manufacturers & Suppliers” and for our consulting in the subject area of “Operations Management”. ConMoto would like to thank our customers for their trust and appreciation. For us, this is the best proof that we, as “The Implementation Consultants”, achieve the improvements in companies that really pay off. We take this positive vote as an incentive to continue to improve and to always find new ways of achieving added value for our customers.

The rankings of the “Best Management Consultants” are based on a survey conducted by brand eins/Thema magazine and the Hamburg-based market research institute Statista among clients of management consultancies and among experts, i.e. partners and principals of consultancies. The expert survey took place in August and September 2021, with 2,325 of 8,205 respondents taking part. The survey of recommendations was open, meaning there was no predefined list of management consultancies.

Following the expert survey, Statista conducted an online survey of 1,300 senior executives recruited via an online panel in October 2021. In addition, 205 senior executives (Head of Strategy, Head of Business Development, etc.) from DAX, M-DAX, S-DAX and Tec-DAX companies were invited to take part in the survey. These top executives rated the quality of the management consultancies they had worked with over the past four years.