Title of the ConMoto cost reduction study

Cut costs now! The message resounds throughout the offices and production halls of many companies for a variety of reasons: Disruption by technological change and the uncertainty of international markets are two of them. Another important motivation for savings: Cutting costs unlocks funds for investments into product developments generating successful products for the markets of the future.

ConMoto contributes to the current discussion on how to lower costs by introducing an innovative topical study. We analyze project results and show how an efficient cooperation between procurement and development departments can reduce product costs. At the same time, the optimization of production, logistics and administration improves efficiency. The average cost cuts and improvements in projects already show the potential still hidden in companies.

Costs down:

  • Ø reduction of products costs by 27 %,
  • Ø reduction of time-to-market by 29 %,
  • Ø reduction of organization and process costs by 16%,
  • Ø reduction of der capital expenditure by 13 %.

Productivity up:

  • Ø raise of productivity by 27 %,
  • Ø reduction of lead time by 21 %,
  • Ø improvement of supply capacity by 30 %,
  • Ø raise of OEE by 23 %.

The study explains procedures and methods in a compact manner. Additionally, case studies provide insight into our successful projects in different sectors. You may order our cost reduction study free of charge via e-mail via business@conmoto.de or give us a call at +49 89 780 66-138.