“Farm to Fork” has become a slogan when it comes to accompanying products from the cultivation of raw materials to consumption by the consumer. For ConMoto, “Farm to Fork” means: We ensure the quality and profitability of the entire value chain in companies in the food industry – from agricultural machinery manufacturers, to producers of seeds, fertilizers or pesticides, to agricultural trade, food processing and food retail. We know the entire value chain, from purchasing and the supply chain to production and the last mile.

optimizing the value chain from farm to fork

Your company benefits from ConMoto’s more than 30 years of experience in various industries. We also bring our know-how to bear in retail, the consumer goods industry, and the manufacturing food industry. As implementation consultants, we are experts in optimizing all value-adding areas in the company. We cover the functions from purchasing, the entire supply chain, production and processing, transport and logistics to distribution.

ConMoto knows the challenges in your industry

Through our numerous wide-ranging projects, we always have our finger on the pulse and know the challenges facing your industry. We analyze the impact on your business, implement measures together with you and optimize your value creation processes.

  • Making supply chains resilient: ConMoto assesses the resilience of your entire supply chain and works with you to install a risk management system that ensures delivery capability along the entire supply chain.
  • Managing complex assortments effectively: Differentiated customer demands result in both growing assortment breadth and depth. ConMoto helps you to structure your assortments in line with customer requirements and to optimize profitability.
  • Profiting from digitalization, Big Data, connectivity and Smart Operations: ConMoto shows you how to profit from the latest technological trends to increase the productivity of your business, such as technology selection in warehousing or transport logistics.
  • Optimizing core processes of the value chain: As an implementation consultancy ConMoto stands for operational excellence. Together with you, we continuously optimize the value-adding core processes in your company in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. 

In a series of short articles, we will present our working methods and show you the results we achieve for our customers with our projects. In our graphic you can see some examples of what we have achieved in our projects so far.

Farm to Fork: project results