Product cost management plays a decisive role in the economic success of your company. In view of the ever-increasing pressure on margins, the growing complexity of portfolios and the diverse risks for supply chains in globalized markets, the importance of product costs is also steadily increasing. ConMoto supports its customers in reducing product costs while also keeping an eye on product features and functions to increase customer value.

From many years of project experience our experts know that product cost optimization has many facets. ConMoto takes a holistic approach that considers product and production strategy, business strategy and procurement strategy in parallel. Together with the department managers in your company, we answer the central questions for successful market-oriented product development and successful product cost management.

info graphic for the spcm model

Product and production strategy

  • Do your product features match customer needs and are they paid for by the customer?
  • Are your products competitive in terms of manufacturing and operating costs?
  • Do you have full cost transparency for your products?

Business strategy

  • What additional markets could be developed if your business were more cost competitive?
  • How do your competitors’ product cost reduction activities affect your business?
  • How do changes from the regulatory environment affect your product and service strategy?

Procurement strategy

  • How does cost transparency affect your make-or-buy decisions?
  • How can you involve your suppliers in reducing product costs?
  • What are the key criteria that determine your strategic supplier selection?

In ConMoto projects for Strategic Product Cost Management we proceed systematically and step by step together with the departments in your company in to realize savings potentials:

1. Analysis and prioritization

2. Generation of ideas for product cost reduction

3. Implementation in production processes, procurement processes or development processes