Maturity Level Procurment 4.0 Matrix
Maturity Level Procurment 4.0 Matrix

Does your procurement department have a digitization strategy? Will you be able to profit from the chances of digitization?

The ConMoto Procurement 4.0 Check supports you and your employees in analyzing the maturity level of your procurement department. Our maturity level model helps evaluate quickly how your procurement department is performing.

Potentials and fields of action for a successful transformation of your procurement become visible at a glance. Additionally, the Procurement 4.0 Check is providing you with recommendations for action:

  • Smart operations enable you to raise the potentials of your value creation chain by making use of the automation of workflows and their connection.
  • Smart data provides reliable data for intelligent and conclusive simulations and forecasts.
  • Smart services lay the foundations for innovation sourcing and procurement engineering.

Taking goal-oriented action leads to a fully connected procurement organization by including suppliers as well as business partners as value creation partners and creating a flexible, cross-functional procurement system. ConMoto can not only check the maturity level of your procurement – if desired, we will also assist you during all steps of the digital transformation.

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