The security of supply chains is at risk in many industries. Shortages of pre-materials, supplier failure during a crisis, or even increasing demand in industries whose products benefit from Covid are recent examples of why companies need to prioritize strengthening supply chains and improving risk management. ConMoto offers a high-speed implementation program run by an agile Task Force to do just that.

Five measures to secure supply capability

All measures that ConMoto implements together with its customers after a short analysis serve to permanently secure the capacity to deliver:

  1. securing the own company’s delivery capacity: through bottleneck management and adjustment of safety stocks, but also by increasing productivity and improving internal supply chains.
  2. stabilizing the supply network: through alternative sourcing strategies and the identification and qualification of alternative suppliers.
  3. adjust production planning and control: the entire production planning and control is reviewed and improved with a focus on bottleneck management.
  4. professionalize risk management: Risk management methods are improved through the pragmatic use of FMEA analysis tools.
  5. implement flexibility concepts: through clear guidelines for agile response to unpredictable disruptions and fluctuations.

The rapid assessment of the ConMoto Taskforce takes five days. This includes risk analysis and supply chain check to determine delivery status. Part of the analysis is also a management workshop for prioritization and a short workshop for idea development. In the second phase of approximately two weeks, immediate measures are defined and implemented. Agile success control makes a rapid follow-up possible. The subsequent task force module on risk management establishes a continuous risk assessment in two weeks as the basis for forward-looking risk management. Optionally, the task force can then implement further hedging strategies.