So far, all have responded to the appeals of politicians and virologists without grumbling. But now people are starting to question the measures – and that is right! The German Chancellor and Prime Ministers have explained to us the reproduction rate and its extraordinary importance. It was between 1.3 and 1.4. The politicians demanded a target value of 1.0, meaning that an infected person would infect only one more person on average, thus stopping the increase in new infections. We have understood and accepted that.

Now, the reproduction rate is 0.7, much better than expected recently. Five days ago, 71,000 people were infected in Germany, currently we are at 51,000. Hospitals report an occupancy significantly below average. Fortunately, they do start treating other diseases again.

What is to happen now? What is the goal? When will people be allowed to work again – in compliance with all the rules, of course? 720,000 companies have announced short-time work. For many people, this means that they have to forego 40 percent of their income. Affected are particularly those with limited leeway for renunciation anyways. And regarding the economy, the question is: When will we get back to ten billion euros of added value a day? The Industry sector must adapt reliably to the new framework conditions. The same applies to the trade, gastronomy and other sectors. But we need a perspective now.

We need a “deal”! The economy must abide by the rules, and policymakers must broaden the framework wisely and cautiously, but much faster than before. Finally, virologists and pharmaceutical companies are also in demand now. An institute like the RKI is expected to do more than reporting alone. At least their own findings – you may remember the Corona study from seven years ago – should lead to action.

Currently, we have two more weeks for each of the addressed groups to do their homework. It would be a true disgrace for the economy not to be optimally prepared for day X! In the manufacturing industry as well as the already mentioned sectors of trade, services and gastronomy, each day costs three to four billion euros if companies do not achieve their normal performance. So do not let this happen and get help. You can buy 1.5 million consultant days for this amount on average daily rates. It is worth it!