In the run-up to the Agritech Supplier Summit, the editors Josip Tomasevic (Senior Vice President & CPO AGCO), Angela Qu (Independent Board Director) and Dr. Hajo Drees (CEO & Founder Berlin Institute Supply Chain Management) presented the book “The World Is Green”. The anthology addresses the trend toward deglobalization triggered by geopolitical crises and increased resource scarcity and its impact on global supply chains.

In around 30 articles, experts write about topics such as “Supply Chains in Battery Production and Sustainable Energy Transmission,” “Sustainability in a Circular Economy,” and “The Challenge of CO2 Neutrality for the Automotive Industry. For ConMoto, Dr.-Ing. Marc Heinisch, Dr.-Ing. Christoph Siegel and Dipl.-Kfm. Wilhelm Schreiner wrote the article “Green Corporations: Sustainable value creation as a cornerstone of economic success”.