Lean Logistics
Pull, cycle, flow

  • Lean transformation projects in an environment of operational excellence
  • Person-focused processes
  • Intelligent task management as a fundamental factor for success

Humans are the nucleus of value creation. Only when your team understands and owns a process is peak productivity possible. Plant, equipment and information must all support employees in the efficient delivery of their work. The goal of lean logistics is to facilitate your team in their value-adding tasks.

A precise PULL principle allows the free flow of material and avoids stock build-up. To maximize productivity, your team can either work to a set production cycle or else have flexible, highly-transparent systems of control. Together, we generate innovative transport mechanisms with interim storage and inventory systems to match supply and demand. The design process is individually customized to internal or external clients, and to your product and productivity goals.

Our consultants help your employees harness the opportunities of the digitized world. An intelligent and networked task management system together with production and program planning are basic levers of efficient design. From the outset, employees must be part of the process of change and fully trained to make it happen. In lean logistics, we use our comprehensive portfolio of management techniques to accelerate each of your sites towards its productivity goals.

Shopfloor management logistics
Understanding process improvements, living standards, enjoying success

  • Process deviation and change management
  • New standards and increased efficiency with the correct key performance indicators and board concepts
  • Intensive training for your staff and managers

ConMoto offers you the tools to continuously measure the performance of your logistics and supply chain management. This enables your team to react quickly to deviations. Our solutions optimize shop floor management. We combine standardized Kanban board concepts and customized key performance indicators to create the basis for transparency and sustainability.

Our consultants are sensitive to individual needs, and their interpersonal skills encourage your employees to embrace successful change. Together with your shop floor team, we explore the connections between workflow, performance and underperformance, and how improvements are put in place and tracked.