ConMoto expertise
Logistically optimized facility

  • Comprehensive, on-site reviews of networks and processes
  • Streamlined material flows and economic dimensioning of your logistics
  • Integrated review of logistics and production

Every site has a specific role in your value-creation chain. You might plan to develop a green field site or to optimize a brown field site with its existing production facilities, warehouses, satellite depots, hubs and cross-dock centers. Either way, we think about processes from the bottom-up, and networks from the top-down. Our goal is a logistically optimized plant with an efficient layout and a continuous, well-aligned flow of materials.

Stable, customer-oriented processes extend off-site, optimizing the contribution of logistics to adding value beyond the limitations of your company and sites. Our projects integrate logistics and production to maximize productivity gains. These include structures and building services equipment (BSE), logistics and storage technology.

We assess the options for progressive automation and inform sound financial decision-making. Together with your employees and partners such as architects and development planners, we create benchmark facilities – always working within budget to maximize performance for your global network.