At Global ManuChem Strategies 21, the tenth edition of this specialist conference on maintenance topics in the chemical industry, ConMoto partner and CSO Dr. Marc Heinisch took on the role of Chairman and, together with Program Director Manuel Borgholte of we.CONECT, guided the participants through the two days of the event in Berlin and in the online fora of this hybrid event. Among the central topics of Global ManuChem were the creation of a detailed Digital Twin of production sites and plants, Integrated Asset Lifecycle Data Management and the value orientation of the maintenance of the future.

ConMoto partner Nils Blechschmidt presented project studies from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries on solutions in the area of Maintenance 4.0 and Asset Innovation. He provided impressive practical examples of the importance of maintenance for cost reduction and the strategic orientation of production. ConMoto-Partner Wilhelm Schreiner contributed expert input to trending topics Big Data and the Digital Supply Chain as well as Digital Sourcing.