Disruptions from the Corona virus outbreak (COVID-19) raise awareness of how vulnerable globally interlaced supply chains are: supplier failures, various disturbances and high costs within the delivery chain as well as production halts affect several countries already. To support companies, ConMoto has developed a comprehensive analysis and an adequate set of measures:

  • Safeguarding production,
  • Implementation of a risk management,
  • Providing alternatives for downtimes or risk of downtimes, and
  • Ramp-up management after shutdowns or temporary closing

are the cornerstones of our Business Resilience Program, protecting your business and helping to regain productivity after disruptions.

ConMoto supports you within the scope of a risk analysis of your supply chain and a risk profile of your suppliers. Based on the results, we develop an effective business resilience strategy. The tools of our emergency kit are:

  • Create safety stock with the support of your supply network,
  • Risk management with powerful FMEA analysis tools,
  • Deployment of alternative sourcing strategies,
  • Identification and qualification of alternative suppliers,
  • Examination of alternative scenarios for the sustainable protection of your supply chain,
  • Stabilizing measures for your cash flow.

Our industry experiences consultants help you in a quick and pragmatic manner. Give us a call or write us an e-mail to business@conmoto-consulting.com.