Thomas Klein new Senior Partner with ConMoto

Thomas Klein is a new Senior Partner and shareholder with the ConMoto Consulting Group GmbH. He has more than three decades years professional experience with renowned automobile manufacturers (OEM) and with automotive suppliers – in Germany, England and Portugal as plant manager. With a British manufacturer of motor yachts Thomas Klein was member of the management board as Chief Technical Officer.

As a freelance consultant for a global consulting firm his focus was on mechanical engineering and the steel industry.
Green Field projects, Brown Field projects and product launches are in his consulting portfolio. He is an expert in restructuring, lean manufacturing, lean coaching and transformation, as well as stamping technology.

At ConMoto Thomas Klein is responsible for Production & Logistics.

Arne Petersen joins ConMoto as Senior Partner

Arne Petersen is a new Senior Partner and shareholder with the ConMoto Consulting Group GmbH. He has more than 13 years of consulting experience in German companies and international businesses. His industry focus is on the automotive industry, producers as well as suppliers, commercial vehicles and special-purpose vehicles. Reorganization, restructuring and operational excellence programs are areas of his professional portfolio. He is an expert in product strategy and product management and takes the lead in implementing programs for agile product development as well as best-in-class development performance.

At ConMoto Arne Petersen is responsible for all aspects of product development and innovation management.

brand eins “Best Consultants 2017”: another award for ConMoto

Experts of other consulting firms and clients have spoken: ConMoto Consulting Group is among the “Best Consultants 2017”. The yearly survey of the consulting sector is compiled by brand eins Wissen and the statistics website Statista querying 1.800 consulting experts and 1.500 managers of small, medium and large businesses. For the second year in a row, ConMoto is on the leaderboard of consultancies for the mechanical engineering and plant engineering industry.

ConMoto at the Production Systems in Stuttgart

The ConMoto Consulting Group is sponsor of the Production Systems 2017, a leading event in Lean Management taking place on May 16th and 17th in Stuttgart. CEOs, COOs, plant managers and lean experts discuss hot topics like Industry 4.0 and current trends in production and leadership. There will be plenary discussions, several expert panels and seminars. The aim is to specify characteristics of successful production systems for the future.

Markus Korsten, Chief Manufacturing Officer at Apollo Tyres, introduces his company in the expert panel 2 “Lean in Human Resources and Organizational Development” with a case study on lean leadership in the VUCA world. One of his topics is leading a worldwide lean agile network in the Apollo family. ConMoto has supported Apollo on its lean journey.

Dr.-Ing. Christoph Skudelny joins ConMoto as Senior Partner

Dr.-Ing. Christoph Skudelny is a new Senior Partner and shareholder with the ConMoto Consulting Group GmbH. He has 17 years of consulting experience in the fields of operations, operations strategy and supply chain management mainly in automotive, mechanical engineering and aircraft manufacturing. Furthermore he worked for an automotive supplier and in the steel industry and for several years he was CEO at a medium-sized manufacturer for metal tubes (automotive).

At ConMoto he is responsible for the topics production and supply chain management for clients of all industries.

Portrait of ConMoto in Handelsblatt

Decisive actions with proven positive EBIT effects instead of quasi solutions which look good on paper – that has been ConMoto’s objective since its foundation in 1990. Managing Partners Ralf Feierabend, Nils Blechschmidt, Marc Heinisch and Christoph Siegel introduce ConMoto Consulting Group in the Handelsblatt and explain, how we are setting companies and people in motion by creating inspiring solutions.

Creating the optimal plant with ConMoto Asset Innovation

Asset Innovation is a building block of Maintenance 4.0, taking into account the entire life cycle of plants and machines. Asset Management leads the way to maximize machine capacity while at the same time minimizing overall costs. If Asset Management also addresses innovations in plant planning and plant layout, experts use the term Asset Innovation / Life Cycle Costing.
In the new White Paper “Maintenance 4.0 – Maintenance Management for the Factory of the Future”, ConMoto has calculated that by implementing Asset Innovation the life cycle costs of plants can be reduced by 15 to 30 percent. Thus Asset Innovation can result in savings that can be twice as high as the original procurement costs.
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Matthias Gläser joins ConMoto as Senior Partner

Matthias Gläser is a new Senior Partner and shareholder with the ConMoto Consulting Group GmbH. He has two decades of experience in the industry sector and in consulting. He is an expert on Operational Excellence as well as on Lean and Change Management. Procurement, R&D and product development are focus areas of his consulting portfolio. Matthias Gläser has a significant track record in designing and sustainably implementing change processes in the automotive sector with manufacturers and suppliers, in mechanical engineering, in the steel industry, the aerospace industry, and in the service sector.

At ConMoto he is responsible for the topics procurement and R&D for clients of all industries.

Predictive maintenance – fix it, before it fails

Predictive maintenance knows in advance, at which point an assembly line or machine will fail. The new ConMoto White Paper “Maintenance 4.0 – Maintenance Management for the Factory of the Future” explains, how unnecessary down times can be avoided to reduce follow-up costs. This White Paper demonstrates functional principles of condition based maintenance and introduces new levers that improve the profitability of production plants.

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Christoph Siegel appointed to be managing partner

Appointing Dr.-Ing. Christoph Siegel to be managing partner, the Con Moto Consulting Group GmbH strengthens its position on the international market for management consultants. Siegel brings 25 years of international experience in the automotive industry (cars and trucks). He will lead ConMoto together with the consulting group’s founder Dr.-Ing. Ralf Feierabend, Nils Blechschmidt and Dr.-Ing. Marc A. Heinisch.

2016 has been a year of growth for ConMoto, with turnover rising by almost 30 percent and the open-ing of an office in the United States. For 2017 the consulting group aims to continue its internationalization strategy with its new managing partner. As Vice President Daimler Trucks Powertrain Operations Christoph Siegel was responsible for managing a global production and supplier network with circa 16.000 employees.


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